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Lorian Bartle draws inspiration from a variety of hobbies and interests that include outdoor activities, travel, and cultural opportunities.

Hiking: Since moving to Colorado, Lorian Bartle has embarked on many hiking adventures in the Rocky Mountains. She became a trip leader for the Colorado Mountain Club where she has led a variety of day hikes and multi-day outdoor excursions.

Skiing: Lorian Bartle began cross-country skiing in the German Alps with her mother at the age of five. She began downhill skiing a few years later and has enjoyed the two sports ever since. She has successfully completed the Talon’s Challenge at Beaver Creek twice and is an avid mogel and tree skier. During the winter months, she enjoys frequenting the Colorado Rocky Mountains on her skis with her family.

Travel: Lorian Bartle enjoys both domestic and international travel. She has visited 48 states and three continents. She has an affinity towards travel in eastern Canada and Europe where she enjoys visiting German-speaking countries.

Art Museums: During the beginning of her undergraduate studies at Vassar College, Lorian Bartle briefly considered majoring in art history. Although she eventually decided to major in music, she developed a life-long interest in visiting art museums. During her travels, she frequently visits art and design museums and has been a long-time member of the Denver Art Museum.

Reading: An avid reader, Lorian Bartle enjoys reading during her free time. She considers an engaging fiction novel to be a “home away from home” where she can enter a different world and see the world from a new vantage point. From classic Jane Austen novels to contemporary works, Lorian Bartle eagerly awaits reading the next good book.